Bitcoin Mining Site List

Find Here a List of websites we have for you that offer Bitcoin Mining,

we try to keep the sites updated but there are so many that close after a short period that if you come across one site that is not longer active of another website that would be a great addition to our list , don’t hesitate to contact us .

The Best Mining Sites


Get paid a good amount of bitcoins for doing very simple and easy tasks


a professional with a solid reputation company


Get paid a large sum of bitcoins for viewing ads for seconds at a time

Genesis Mining

a company that takes this all rather seriously, worth checking out


Seven data-centres. High earning power.Return on investment within 5 months.15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever


Purchase MHS in a matter of seconds, start mining right away and even be able to trade your MHS in real time with prices based on supply and demand!

Payout 30 Minutes


Bit Cats  Another Cat-Themed faucet
Bitcoin Lottery  Choose your numbers and take your chance to win it big in this bitcoin lottery FOR FREE
Bitcoin Spain  A Spanish faucet written in English
Bitcoins 4 Free  The title says it all
BTC For You  A simple bitcoin faucet nothing fancy
BTC Mine  A Minecraft themed bitcoin faucet
Can Has Bitcoin  A LOL cat themed site that pays quickly
Coinbox  The place for micro wallet transactions
Earn Free Bitcoins  Despite how it sounds you receive bitcoins without actually earning them
El Bitcoin Gratis  A free bitcoin faucet written in Spanglish
Faucet BTC  A simple 30 minute faucet
Fr33 Bitcoins  A Faucet written in l33t speak
Free Bitcoin WS  An informative free bitcoin faucet
Free Bitcoins 4 U  Bad grammar but excellent payout
Free Bitcoins Fast!  A website that wants to give you bitcoins as soon as possible
Free Bitcoins Me  A website wanting to give bitcoins to YOU
Free BTC for All  A website dedicated to spreading bitcoins to everyone
Get Bitcoins Quick  Need your bitcoins in a hurry this is the place to go
Green Coins  An eco-friendly free bitcoin site
Nioctib  A tucked away faucet that was hard to find, the name is bitcoin backwards
Raw Bitcoins  A faucet streamlined to a bare bones website. No flash, only bitcoins
Sr Bitcoin  A Spanish themed site written in English
The Bitcoin Me  Another website that wants you to have bitcoins
The Free Bitcoins  As the name would imply, free bitcoins
Virtual Faucet  Another easy to use faucet
Water Bitcoin  A high-paying half hourly faucet


Payout 60 Minutes

24 Bitcoin  Free Satoshi Every Hour 24 hours a day
Best Bitcoin  Minimum 300 Satoshi every hour (No adblock)
Bitcoin Earnings  Easy Way to Earn Free Bitcoins
Bitcoin Faucet EU  A European Based Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet Net  Free Hourly Bitcoins. You can vote in polls for extra bitcoin. Also has a referral program to match
Bitcoin Monkey  A Funny Simple Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoinfaucettk  A hard to find faucet that pays handsomely
Bitcoins4me  An easy to use faucet that also acts as a micro wallet
Bithits  This site gives 2ubtc per click.
Bitreg  Sleek and simple pays to Faucet box
Breaking Faucet  A Breaking Bad Themed Faucet
BTC Tree  Minimum 200 Satoshi Every Hour
Btcfaucet  Simply A Faucet
Coinbooster  A Simple way to boost your bitcoin wallet
Crypto Faucet  Pays using a micro wallet every hour
Daily Bitcoins  Despite the misleading name this site pays on the hour
Doors Galat  Choose the right door and win bitcoins
Easy Bitcoins  A free hourly micro wallet faucet
Free Bitcoin 24  Receive free bitcoins every hour with a chance to win big
Free Bitcoin Today  Receive Free bitcoin 24 times a day
Freebitco,in  This faucet pays out a randomized amount of bitcoin every hour
Hotswap  A Micro wallet Bitcoin faucet
Infaucet  Regular payments as well as hourly bonuses
Land Of Bitcoin  Welcome to a land of bitcoin!
Make Free Bitcoin  A Much less confusing faucet
Makefreebtc  A Rather Confusing Faucet
MMO Club  A Videogame community made a bitcoin faucet
Plutobit  Simple faucet using an easy CAPTCHA system
Rainbow Faucet  A colorful faucet
Redcoins  A well-paying bitcoin website founded by Russian comrades. Why not?
Russian bitdoge  A Russian Bitcoin Faucet. It may be hard to understand
The Free Bitcoins  Free bitcoins every hour on the hour with a chance to win the jackpot
We Love BTC  10,000 Satoshi Payouts Every Hour!


Payout Daily

Bitcoin Addict  This little faucet will receive you your bitcoin fix
Bitcoin Dragon  1 ubtc Every single day!
Bitcoin Faucet Net  Free Satoshi every 24 hours
Bitcoin Flow  Almost identical to Bitcoiner
Bitcoin Jackpot  You receive one chance per day to win a HUGE amount of bitcoin
Bitcoin Tree  Just another simple easy daily faucet
Bitcoinar  A play on words from Bitcoiner. A simple faucet
Bitcoiner  enter your bitcoin address and solve a captcha to receive  your Bitcoins
Bitcrate  Pick from an array of crates to break for bitcoin. There is Chance to break one with MANY bitcoins
BUNNY RUN   Select one of four bunnies and race. If your bunny wins you receive a bitcoin bonus!
Free Bitcoinz  high paying faucet
PPP Faucet  Free Bitcoin and Dodgecoin Every single day


Payout Random

777 Bitcoin  Pays thousands of Satoshi every 7 hours
Bit Visitor  This site pays you for visiting a page for 5 minutes every 5 minutes
Bitcoin Catcher  3000 Satoshis per claim twice a day!
Bitcoin DE  Free bitcoins for signing up
Bitcoin Gator  Large payments every 120 minutes
Bitcoin Kit  800+ Satoshi every 180 minutes
Bitcoin Pyramid  A Classic Financial Pyramid that really works
bitgigs  Work For bitcoin doing what people ask
BTC For Free .org  Pays Many small bitcoin payments every 8 hours
Chicken Faucet  Pays well ever 500 Minutes
Coin Street  ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF BITCOINS for entering valid phone number
Coiner Faucet  Large amount of bitcoin every 1.5 Hours
FaucetWorld  Allows you to claim as many payments as you want at anytime
Free Coins 4 Me  Microwallet faucet that pays every 6 hours
Free Coins For Me  Pays out bitcoin every 6 hours with varying amounts
Get Satoshi  A Simple 15 minute faucet
Jimdo Faucet  A 12 Hour Faucet Without Captchas
Moon Bitcoin  A moon theemed faucet that pays EVERY 5 MINUTES
Play Bitcoin  Vote every 10 minutes for the cutest animal and earn 200 satoshi
RugaTu  Answer peoples Burning questions for bitcoins
Satoshi-Karoshi  Play Minesweeper for bitcoins
Skude  A free website that autofills free bitcoin websites for you
Super Bitcoins  Free Bitcoin every 360 Minutes
TopBit Co  This faucet allows you to choose your own timeframe for payments
Twerking Faucet  A Comically named Simple Faucet
VnBitcoin  HUGE AMOUNT OF BITCOINS for entering a valid email address
YourBTC  Claim your bitcoins every 120 minutes