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The Best Place For Tax Lien Investing


Here's an excerpt from the 2016 book "Tax Lien Investing Secrets: How You Can Get 8%-36% Return on Your Money Without the Typical Risk of Real Estate Investing or the Uncertainty of the Stock Market." This section is from Chapter 3: Finding the Best Place to Invest

The Six Things You Need To Know

There are 6 things that you need to know about tax lien or tax deed investing before you get started.

1. The statutory interest rate – this is the rate that the county charges delinquent tax payers and the rate that investors get on their money when it is not bid down at the tax sale.

2. The bidding method – What is actually bid at the tax sale, whether the amount paid for the lien is bid up, or the interest rate is bid down, or something else entirely is bid, or there is no bidding at all and winners are randomly chosen.

3. The redemption period – The period of time that the property owner has to redeem the lien or redeemable deed before the lien holder can foreclose on the property.

4. The expiration period – The "life" of the tax lien, after which the lien will expire worthless if no action is taken by the investor.

5. How subsequent taxes are handled – Whether or not the lien holder gets to pay the subsequent taxes if the property owner doesn't pay them, and what interest or penalties are paid on the subsequent tax payments.

6. Additional Penalties – Are there other penalties that the lien holder gets when the lien or redeemable deed redeems,

These six things make a huge difference in your profit and are the reason why tax lien investing is very different in different states. Let me give you examples from three different states that all have auctions where the interest rate is bid down, but because of the other 5 factors mentioned in this chapter, investing in each of these states is quite different.

Selling Stocks That Don’t Rise Can Get Bigger Gains


Selling stocks that have declined and stocks that do not rise as expected accomplishes several things. It frees up resources that can be used to buy other stocks more likely to rise in value. It enables your rising stocks to impact your portfolio more fully because declining stocks that would dilute their performance are removed. Finally, it keeps your portfolio more fully committed to rising stocks more of the time. A very simplistic and purely hypothetical mechanical discipline can be used to illustrate the meaning of this article's title. Let's suppose that when we invest the outcome is random. Half the time the stock will decline and half the time the stock will rise. Assume also a randomness in the magnitude of stock moves. Finally, assume we have a rule that any stock we buy will be sold if it drops 8% below the highest price attained since purchase.

Even if half the stocks we buy go down and half go up, our system will make money because it will never allow any loss to exceed 8%, and it will leave a rising stock alone until it drops 8% below the highest price it attains after purchase. Thus, if the stock makes a gain of 60% before it declines the allowed limit of 8%, we will lock in a gain of 52%. Profits on a given position have no necessary limits, but a loss can never exceed 8%. In other words, the total gains would exceed the total losses even if stocks moved around in purely random patterns. The discipline used can be even more important to profitability than the ability to be a good stock picker.

Selling stocks that "misbehave" frees up assets that the investor can re-deploy to stocks with greater profit-making potential. It is necessary to control the expenses of the investment enterprise just as an individual would control them in any other business endeavor. The small losses are simply the necessary overhead of running a profitable investment enterprise. Let's use a merchandising metaphor. The key concept here is inventory control. It is important for a merchant to get rid of inventory that doesn't move (these items are a drain on resources) in order to free up shelf-space and to have more resources (money) available to buy stock that will move and generate profits. Smart merchants will often sell non-moving inventory at a discount and sometimes at a loss in order to free up resources and shelf space. The merchant considers the loss to be simply one of the costs of doing business (like the costs of electricity, gas, water, rent, salaries, and taxes).

The volatility of the market makes it necessary to be nimble in order to obtain optimum results. Just because taking a loss is not "absolutely necessary" does not mean that holding on to a poor performer to avoid taking the loss is the optimum course of action. When there is a loss shortly after a purchase, it is generally unexpected. That means something has just occurred that has made the stock less desirable. The greater the decline, the greater the probability that something negative has just happened (a geo-political event, FDA decision, court ruling, comment by an officer of the company, achievement of a competitor, or whatever).

Our tests and the experience of our own traders at stockdisciplines.com show that in volatile markets performance is enhanced when stocks are sold while their declines are still small (if their decline is beyond the probability envelope of what is expected for those stocks given their recent price-action and current support levels). Such actions will not always be the most profitable for a particular trade, but we know they will generally produce better results over time. Even though it is not always "absolutely necessary" to sell when a stock falls (perhaps we believe the position will recover in time), we know that better long-term results can be achieved if we do sell and re-deploy the assets.

To maintain a portfolio of winners, you have to keep getting rid of the losers and non-performers. It is like pulling the weeds out of a garden so they don't choke the growth of desirable plants. Here is the key point: "It is the percentage of time that most of a portfolio is invested in rising stocks that determines how good performance will be." If losers are left in the portfolio where they can counterbalance the gains of the winners, performance will suffer. The smart trader will want to get rid of the losers so the winners can lift the portfolio. Most people cannot sit in front of their computer all the time the market is open. That's why it is important to have a good stop-loss strategy. We believe that stops should be ratcheted up as a stock rises. For example, a person could adjust stop orders in the afternoon after the market has closed, in the evening before going to bed, or in the morning before the market opens. If these adjustments cannot be made every day, they should be made at least once a week. By placing a stop order to sell with the broker, an individual doesn't have to stay "glued" to the screen monitoring stocks. Instead, he or she can forget about the market and take care of other business. Then, if the stock is sold, the sale will be according to a plan carefully conceived in calmer moments.

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sell bitcoin India


Bitcoin wallets are basic in light of the way that, without these wallets, you can't send or get Bitcoin portions. In case you are needing to send or get Bitcoin portion, it is required that you have a Bitcoin wallet, and before that you ought to think about an extensive variety of Bitcoin wallets with the objective that you can pick one which suits you perfectly. There are four essential classes of Bitcoin wallets: Online, Hardware, Software, and Paper wallets. As the name suggests, online wallets can be gotten to from any web source; gear wallets are physical contraptions that are more secure; programming wallets look like programming applications; paper wallets are printed detached keys. We in like manner separate Bitcoin wallets into various orders like Universal wallets, adaptable wallets, and desktop wallets et cetera.

We have made an once-over of 18 best Bitcoin wallets which will give you a general appreciation of the focal points and disservices of different wallets. Coinbase Bitcoin wallet was developed in 2012, and till now its flood of capital is some place close $31 million. It is in like manner a primary association in buying and offering Bitcoins and its organization is available in more than 19 countries. The organization is novices pleasing however many think it unsafe too in light of the way that the association holds most of your benefits. In any case, the association completely denies that, and starting late it has impelled a vault organization which ensures your control over your benefits. This association is dug in and gives you benefits like including resources from inside the wallet, yet its organization is not available around the globe.
BTC MONK is sell bitcoin India you can easily bitcoin exchange website in india.
Purchase offer bitcoinis most renowned today and it empowers you to send or get Bitcoins from your convenient and furthermore from your program, and that is the reason it is known as a cream wallet. It works with the help of online data and private keys: association exchanges your data on the web and just you know the private keys of your data. In any case, there is up 'til now a stress because the wallet is stacked from the association's server. It is a simple to utilize Bitcoin wallet with exceptional interface both for adaptable and furthermore web program. If you have a considerable measure of Bitcoins, and you require them to stay away from any wickedness, then this wallet is perfect for you. It is the choice of both the learners and furthermore pros since it offers a bit of the best security methodologies and also is absolutely simple to utilize. The Company has set up a respectable reputation and strong hold over the latest couple of years. The fundamental lacking thing is that the customer base is not adequately colossal.

Simple 5-Minute Bitcoin Trading Strategy





Secure and Energy Saving Bitcoin Transaction


Using cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, in online transactions is getting more popular. This digital currency is usually exchanged without involving governmental institutions and banks. The most popular alternative currency is Bitcoin. This decentralized cryptocurrency was first used in 2009. It is popular because it is the most trustworthy among others. One of the things that make it safe and trustworthy is that Bitcoin is protected by computation. Meanwhile, some other cryptocurrencies are protected by private keys store up at the TPM.
New and Innovative Blockchain systemGovernmental institutions and banks cannot control cyptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin, for example, employs Bitcoin’s blockchain transaction database as distributed ledger. Therefore, the transfer or transaction is controlled by this Bitcoin’s Blockchain. In securing Bitcoin’s Blockchain, it is important to keep the computer and internet connection on. However, users don’t need to do that anymore. New software and application has enabled them to have Anonymous Currency transfer. It means that users can exchange and trade Bitcoin safely without worrying about risk from counterparty. In addition, it no longer needs energy and computing power in keeper the blockchain secure.
With this innovation, more convenient Anonymous Currency transfer can be applied. This energy saving mechanism is a much needed solution for cryptocurrency trade and exchange. So far, securing Bitcoin’s blockchain takes a lot of energy. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin exchange, this energy issue can cause more serious problems. Now, Bitcoin users no longer need to worry the energy waste when they are trading and mining Bitcoin.
This new mechanism uses Delayed Proof of Work system. When users use this system, it will notarize the blocks. After it is recorded on this system, Delayed Proof of Work (DPOW) Blockchain and Bitcoin Blockchain will have an agreement. This mechanism will occur when this innovative system is activated.
The new Blockchain mechanism is perfect for you who long for 100% privacy and security over your digital currency transaction. This new software will protect your decentralized currency and privacy. You will no longer need to worry about the intervention of third party. Therefore, you can trade and exchange Bitcoin anonymously. Thanks to this new system, you can use your Bitcoin freely and conveniently.
Apps compatible with DPOW mechanismThe software of DPOW Blockchain is powered with excellent and powerful elements. In addition, it is compatible with various great apps. One of them is Iguana Core. This powerful cryptocurrency wallet is very innovative. It enables you to have atomic swaps between coins that are supported by this wallet. If you have this wallet, you can have Bitcoin transaction securely. There is almost no risk in using this wallet. Counterparty risk has been eliminated in this app. Therefore, you can safely trade or exchange your decentralized currency.
If you want something more secure, you need to choose Komodo wallet. It offers you with total protection. In addition, it also provides you with anonymity. If you prefer to trade Bitcoin in anonymously, this wallet is perfect for you. Komodo Wallet is very safe. It will protect your privacy excellently. Doing private transaction using this wallet is extremely convenient.
The platform of this innovative decentralized currency is brilliant. It has excellent user interface. Therefore, users can trade Bitcoins easily and quickly. Moreover, it is very useful. The creator of this system and apps is always trying to do their best to tackle decentralized cryptocurrency issues. Since the growing popularity of Bitcoin, it is understandable that there will be problems need to be solved, such as hackers and frauds.
And the first step of avoiding hackers and frauds is by trading and doing Bitcoin transaction anonymously. Anonymous transfer will enable you to hide your details. Therefore, hackers will not be able to access your personal info and steal your Bitcoin.

My 2 Best Altcoin Trading Strategies




Secrets for Your First Real Estate Investment


Decide your strategy

First, you will need to determine what your strategy will be in real estate investing. Do you want to buy a property, fix it up, sell it quickly with seller-financing and later sell the new seller-financed Note to a note buyer for cash, Or, do you want to buy a property, hold it and wait for the market value to increase, Do you want to deal with renters, All of these questions are ones that you need to answer before you invest in any piece of real estate.

If you're buying with the strategy of renovating and then selling, then it is time to start your renovations. On the other hand, if you're buying with the strategy of renting the property, it is time to start looking for tenants.

You see, the point of having a strategy for profiting from the purchase of any piece of real estate must be your first decision, because everything that comes after that is dependent upon it.

Do your home work

You will need to learn how to investigate the value of properties yourself. There are several online sites that are helpful in determining the real value of real estate. DO NOT rely on tax values - they are not reliable nor accurate.

Find three mortgage brokers and learn what interest rates and closing costs each one charges. (Check out your local bank or credit union as well). Take copies of your three credit reports and choose a sample property for each broker to run hard numbers on.

Location, location, location

You can roll all of the various factors for determining whether a location is good or bad into one simple word: desirability.

Keep in mind the ‘visibility' factor. If a neighborhood or an area has become famous or even infamous, property values rise regardless of the location. Convenience is another factor when considering the desirability of the location of a piece of property. People do like to live close to where they work and where their children attend school.

You need to find the "hot" markets when buying investment property, and in a nutshell, the hot market is where the people are GOING. Determining where people are going is the trick.

Business can also cause real estate prices to go up and can create hot properties for investment purposes.

Your first investment

Now you are ready to actually make your first investment. The objective is to buy low and sell high, and that means that you have to make a guess (an EDUCATED guess) as to what is going to happen tomorrow or next week or next year or ten years from now.

You want to choose the lowest price house in the best possible neighborhood to put a contract on. Let's say the cheapest two-bedroom house in the best neighborhood in Fort Worth costs $100,000 and the next cheapest, comparable home is listed for $140,000. If you buy the home that is priced at $100,000, you can raise your price to $130,000 and make a nice profit.

Real estate investing is not an exact science. You always have to weigh the risk against the potential reward. But when choosing what properties to invest in, this should be made strictly upon solid facts.

Closing the deal

Show the seller your pre-qualification letter from your lender. Then get the required inspections for termites and get your appraisal. Once you have all of your ‘ducks in a row' so to speak, it can take about 30 days to make the final close.

Prop Betting Strategy


In games wagering on a recommendation, likewise called a prop wager or a prop, a bet is put on something besides a point spread, cash line or amusement add up to. Precisely what this bet may be is anything from which group will score to start with, to which quarterback will have the most passing yards, to whatever other situation portrayed by a wagering site.

This type of betting is for the most part considered the simplest to beat. To bolster this, Las Vegas' main games book for prop bets, the Las Vegas Hilton, has gone on record commonly guaranteeing that Las Vegas sports books regularly lose cash on prop wagers. In the mean time, many wagering locales willing to take $5K-$40K per wager on NFL sides constrain props to $200 or $300 max wagers.
The reason props remain the most effortless bet to beat relates to a great extent to thoughtless bookmaking. Try not to misunderstand me: this is not in the slightest degree a thump on the bookmaker. With a few hundred lines to make and oversee, lines supervisors are content with shortsighted techniques and low wagering limits for little market props. This implies it is very workable for a genuine low to mid-stake expert to break down a solitary prop in far more noteworthy detail than the chances creator that made it. Then, the little max wagering limit keeps the sharks away and takes into consideration line development in light of recreational activity. Inconsiderate bookmakers, no sharks, and heaps of fish, sounds like a beneficial market to me. Find the best betting games from sportsb8 for Betting or gambling games on Bitcoins.
To make one thing clear about prop wagering, the more keen bettors there are wagering props, the lower the open door moves toward becoming. Nobody in their correct personality will compose a definite manual for wagering props. To learn, you'll have to lift things up in odds and ends. Thus, while you'll have to do some burrowing to come to the heart of the matter where you can break down any prop offered, I'll simply ahead and kick you off in the correct heading. Here, I'll cover a prop generally accessible for NFL football, "Which group will score first,"