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Easy Forex Review

Founded in Cyprus back in 2003, Easy-Forex is one of the most established brands in the online trading industry. The founding members of the website, a group of bankers and trading experts, had set a goal to create a trading website that was easy to use for both beginners and professional traders. Since the start about 10 years ago, Easy-Forex has continued to develop the website into one of the premier international trading platforms, with offices around the world.

The user friendliness becomes obvious as soon as you enter the website. Whereas most trading websites have a huge amount of information, statistics and analyses, which really only serves to confuse visitors in the beginning, Easy-Forex has chosen to make a very basic and simple starting page. This, however, does not mean that you will not be able to find specific information you might be looking for, as it can be easily found in other sections of the website using the cleverly laid out navigation bar.

Trading Platforms and Features

the ease of use once again becomes prominent, as Easy-Forex ( easy Markets) was the first trading website to implement a no download trading platform, that could be used on any computer with an internet connection. This feature is extremely convenient for traders on the go. Easy-Forex also supports the popular MT4 Platform, which needs to be downloaded, but is an extremely versatile tool for advanced traders. In addition to this they have also created a unique iPhone platform, where users can follow up on changes on the market as well as the statues of their trading accounts. The iPhone application does support trading as well, although the functionality is limited compared to what you get on the website. However, there’s a mobile website available as well, with full functionality on mobile devices. Players are automatically taken there when visiting the website in a browser on a mobile phone. Easy-Forex does not only offer currency trading, it also supports the trade of commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil, as well as stocks and indices. They also offer fixed spreads with a guaranteed stop-loss which can be customized upon request.


Minimum Deposit Amounts:

Setting up an account with the Easy Forex system requires about 5 minutes of time. The sign-up process is done with a convenient 3-step process that is easy for all new users to follow. At the online EasyForex.com site, the minimum deposit scale begins at only $200 dollars. Tailor-made extra-large deposits are also accommodated on this currency trading Website. An account service manager is available to communicate with the traders who would like to discuss the current trends or options that may help in maximizing a trading investment experience.

Account Set-Up:

Setting up an account with the Easy Forex system requires about 5 minutes of time. The sign-up process is done with a convenient 3-step process that is easy for all new users to follow. At the online EasyForex.com site, the minimum deposit scale begins at only $200 dollars. Tailor-made extra-large deposits are also accommodated on this currency trading Website. An account service manager is available to communicate with the traders who would like to discuss the current trends or options that may help in maximizing a trading investment experience.

Demonstration Account:

When a trader registers online at EasyForex.com, they can take advantage of a very useful demonstration program that will issue a practice account with $50,000 virtual dollars in it to experiment with. Through the use of news feeds and play updates, the new user can practice the FX trading formats until they feel comfortable with the trading systems.

The Easy Forex online Internet site is multilingual. Forex traders can choose their favorite display language from: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Spanish.


Leverage Limits, Trading Spreads, and Trailing Stops:

At Easy Forex, users can leverage their trading for as low as 1:100. Big trading options can happen with small investments on the EasyForex.com trading site. Leverage ratio choices can be 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, or a higher ratio in some of the specialized accounts. United States users are regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) that caps the leverage ratio at 1:100 for all FX trading that is done in this country. The Easy Forex spreads are low across the board, and normally range from 3 to 5 pips to allow traders from all countries a reasonable profit margin.

Spreads at Easy Forex are set at a moderate level and they vary between accounts, and according to calendar schedules. After-hours trading or foreign currency trading during peak trading conditions may fall under higher spread rates. Highly advanced systems and software programs are in place to ensure that each trade is executed at the user settings for stop-loss and take-profit rates. EasyForex.com allows traders to pre-set trading rates, or to modify trading rates, to a predetermined time or date. The trader may also modify the system settings while the deal is open.


Customer Service and Secure Service Options at Easy Forex:

Easy Forex does make use of a dealing desk.

Dedicated personalized services are available through the Easy Forex.com FX site. Personal account managers are available to all users regardless of account size, at all hours of the day or night. The customer support service functions through a real-time online chat box that is easy for all users to operate.

Short Message Servicing (SMS) functions can also deliver mobile phone updates to account holders from the trading marketplace. Mobile phone alerts can include rate alerts, deal closure alerts, and limit order capture alerts. This innovative SMS feature from Easy Forex set the mobile alert standards for the rest of the FX trading industry.

Another first at Easy Forex is the instant trading program that allows direct credit card use at all hours of the day or night. A state-of-the-art double layered firewall security system is coupled with a practiced authentication standards program to provide a safe credit card format. Users can use their credit cards online through this program and be assured that their privacy is safeguarded while trading through the Easy Forex site.

Beginners can utilize the personal account service manager training session that will walk first-time traders through a live step-by-step trading session. There are some elaborate and resourceful training options that include the step-by-step trading session, a guided tour, FX e-books, and the handy free trade simulator that provides $50,000 virtual dollars to practice the Easy Forex system and all levels of foreign currency trading techniques.

All Easy Forex.com traders enjoy the highly simplified visual trade controller program. This is a precision control instrument that allows users to handle scenarios of FX trading in a very simplified manner. Every level of user can modify stop losses, check alternate scenarios, and define the current rates to set the take-profit rates easily. The Easy Forex system strives to make all levels of traders feel comfortable during transactions.

FX trading at Easy Forex does not require software downloads, or computer use from a single IP address. The entire system is a Web-based program that allows for real-time data to be displayed for the FX marketplace. Since the software is a Web-based program, foreign currency traders can access their accounts in a comprehensive manner from all methods of mobile personal technology devices that connect to the Internet.



Easy Markets Details

Website http://www.easy-forex.com/
Headquartered in Limassol
Founded in 2003
Regulating Authority ASiC, CFTC, CySEC
US Clients Accepted
Telephone Number 357 25 828 899
Fax Number 357 25 817 183
E-mail Address Info@easy-forex.com
Type of Broker Market Maker
Commission No
Mini Account yes
VIP Account yes
Segregated Account no
Islamic Account (Swap Free) yes
Demo Account yes
Institutional Accounts no
Managed Accounts yes
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Minimum Deposit $25
Deposit Options Debit Card , Neteller , Webmoney , BankTransfer
Withdrawal Options Debit Card , Neteller , Webmoney , BankTransfer
Platform Type iPhone App, MetaTrader 4, Trade Desk, Web Trading
Platform Languages Multi-lingual
OS Compatibility Windows
Streaming News Feed yes
Trading Signals yes
Automated Trading yes
Trade From Charts No
Market Commentary yes
E-mail Alerts yes
Mobile Alerts yes
Scalping yes
Hedging yes
Trailing Stops yes
Guaranteed Stop Loss yes
Guaranteed Limit Orders yes
Guaranteed Fills No
Interest on Margin No
One-Click Execution yes
OCO Orders yes


Contact Information
Live Chat: www.easy-forex.com
Easy Forex Worldwide Limited.
Kings House
The Grange
St. Peter Port
Guernsey GY1 2QJ
Main E-Mails: Europe Headquarters
General – info@easy-forex.com Griva Digheni 1, Office 303
Customer Support – cs@easy-forex.com Kriel Court
Technical Support – support@easy-forex.com Limassol, Cyprus 3035
Agents – agents@easy-forex.com Tel: +357 25 828 899
Introducing Brokers – ib@easy-forex.com Fax: +357 25 817 183
White Labels – infowhitelabels@easy-forex.com More Europe Contacts:
Forex Affiliates – affiliates@easy-forex.com http://en.easy-forex.com/EU/ContactUs.aspx
Complaints – complaints@easy-forex.com
Asia Pacific Headquarters Easy Forex United States
Level 2, 437 St. Kilda Road 10 South Riverside Plaza
Melbourne 3004 Suite 760
Australia Chicago, IL 60606 – USA
Tel: 1300 303 908 Tel: +1 312 234 9110
Fax: +61 3 9020 8890 Toll Free: +1 877 5 EASYFX (+1 877 532 7939)
More Asia Pacific Contacts: Fax: +1 312 234 9112
http://en.easy-forex.com/AU/ContactUs.aspx More US Contacts:


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At this moment they arunning the following bonuses and promotions


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account types

easy-forex® has a range of different forex trading accounts with varying benefits and spreads. With the help of a personalized Account Service Manager, you can choose the trading account that is best for you. Sharia law accounts are also available.

The three main trading account types to choose from are:

  • Standard account
  • Premium account
  • VIP account


 different account types



Minimum First Deposit No minimum $2000 $20,000
Minimum deal size from 5k from 50k from 100k
Minimum Margin to Risk $25 $250 $500
Fixed Spreads from 3 pips from 2.5 pips from 1.8 pips
Personal Account Manager Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed Stops Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Support  Yes  Yes  Yes
Trade on all Available Platforms Yes Yes Yes
Free SMS market rate alerts  Yes  Yes  Yes
Technical Analysis Reports  Yes  Yes  Yes
Access to all Education Tools  Yes  Yes  Yes
Personal One on One Training Yes Yes
Personal Market Analyst support 24/5  Yes  Yes
24/5 Dealing Room Telephone trading  Yes  Yes
Optional Loyalty Rebates  Yes  Yes
Free Breaking news SMS Alerts  Yes  Yes
Market update emails/calls  Yes  Yes



Forex Pairs AUD / CAD Energy Commodities Heating Oil (HEO)
Forex Pairs AUD / CNH Energy Commodities Natural Gas (NGS)
Forex Pairs AUD / CZK Energy Commodities Brent Crude (BRT)
Forex Pairs AUD / HKD Energy Commodities Gasoil (GAS)
Forex Pairs AUD / ILS Energy Commodities WTI Crude Oil (OIL)
Forex Pairs AUD / JPY Energy Commodities Agricultural Commodities
Forex Pairs AUD / NOK Agricultural Commodities Soybeans (SOY)
Forex Pairs AUD / NZD Agricultural Commodities Wheat (WHT)
Forex Pairs AUD / PLN Agricultural Commodities Cocoa (CCO)
Forex Pairs AUD / SEK Agricultural Commodities Cotton (CTN)
Forex Pairs AUD / SGD Agricultural Commodities Corn (CRN)
Forex Pairs AUD / TRY Agricultural Commodities Coffee (CFE)
Forex Pairs AUD / USD Agricultural Commodities Sugar (SGR)
Forex Pairs AUD / ZAR Agricultural Commodities Metals
Forex Pairs CAD / CHF Metals Copper (CPR)
Forex Pairs CAD / ILS Metals Silver (XAG)
Forex Pairs CAD / JPY Metals Gold (XAU)
Forex Pairs CAD / NOK Metals Platinum (XPT)
Forex Pairs CAD / PLN Metals Palladium (XPD)
Forex Pairs CAD / SEK Metals Indices
Forex Pairs CHF / AUD Indices Australia 200 Index (ASX)
Forex Pairs CHF / ILS Indices France 40 Index (CAC)
Forex Pairs CHF / JPY Indices China 50 Index (CNX)
Forex Pairs CHF / NOK Indices USD Index (USX)
Forex Pairs CHF / PLN Indices Germany 30 Index (DAX)
Forex Pairs CHF / SEK Indices UK 100 Index (FTS)
Forex Pairs CHF / SGD Indices EU Stocks 50 Index (ESX)
Forex Pairs CNH / JPY Indices US Tech Index (NDQ)
Forex Pairs EUR / AUD Indices US 500 Index (SPI)
Forex Pairs EUR / CAD Indices Volatility Index (VXX)
Forex Pairs EUR / CHF Indices India 50 Index (IND)
Forex Pairs EUR / CNH Indices Hong Kong 50 Index (HSX)
Forex Pairs EUR / CZK Indices Japan 225 Index (NKI)
Forex Pairs EUR / GBP Indices US 30 Index (DOW)
Forex Pairs EUR / HKD Indices Swiss 20 Index (SWI)
Forex Pairs EUR / ILS Indices Vanilla Options
Forex Pairs EUR / JPY
Forex Pairs EUR / MXN
Forex Pairs EUR / NOK
Forex Pairs EUR / NZD
Forex Pairs EUR / PLN
Forex Pairs EUR / SEK
Forex Pairs EUR / SGD
Forex Pairs EUR / TRY
Forex Pairs EUR / USD
Forex Pairs EUR / ZAR
Forex Pairs GBP / AUD
Forex Pairs GBP / CAD
Forex Pairs GBP / CHF
Forex Pairs GBP / CZK
Forex Pairs GBP / HKD
Forex Pairs GBP / ILS
Forex Pairs GBP / JPY
Forex Pairs GBP / NOK
Forex Pairs GBP / NZD
Forex Pairs GBP / PLN
Forex Pairs GBP / SEK
Forex Pairs GBP / SGD
Forex Pairs GBP / TRY
Forex Pairs GBP / USD
Forex Pairs GBP / ZAR
Forex Pairs HKD / JPY
Forex Pairs JPY / ILS
Forex Pairs NOK / JPY
Forex Pairs NOK / SEK
Forex Pairs NZD / CAD
Forex Pairs NZD / CHF
Forex Pairs NZD / HKD
Forex Pairs NZD / ILS
Forex Pairs NZD / JPY
Forex Pairs NZD / NOK
Forex Pairs NZD / SEK
Forex Pairs NZD / SGD
Forex Pairs NZD / TRY
Forex Pairs NZD / USD
Forex Pairs NZD / ZAR
Forex Pairs PLN / JPY
Forex Pairs SEK / JPY
Forex Pairs SGD / JPY
Forex Pairs TRY / JPY
Forex Pairs USD / CAD
Forex Pairs USD / CHF
Forex Pairs USD / CNH
Forex Pairs USD / CZK
Forex Pairs USD / HKD
Forex Pairs USD / ILS
Forex Pairs USD / JPY
Forex Pairs USD / MXN
Forex Pairs USD / NOK
Forex Pairs USD / PLN
Forex Pairs USD / SEK
Forex Pairs USD / SGD
Forex Pairs USD / TRY
Forex Pairs USD / ZAR
Forex Pairs ZAR / JPY





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