The Ferrari share is available for trading with the InteractiveOption broker

Recently Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer, has been launched on the stock market, its share has included the New York Stock Exchange in late October. On this occasion, brokers have begun to add the share of the great Ferrari to their lists of financial instruments. Today, it is the case of the InteractiveOption broker that diversifies its lists of tradable markets and now it offers trading the Ferrari share through binary options and high yields.

The InteractiveOption binary options platform

The InteractiveOption broker is a binary options broker that is recognized in the trading industry. It is authorized and regulated by the regulator of financial markets based in Cyprus, the CySEC (European reference). The InteractiveOption platform belongs to the company KJW Kris World Development Ltd whose headquarters are themselves located in Cyprus.

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Since the InteractiveOption broker is regulated and authorized and its practices comply with the regulations of the CySEC financial regulator, traders enjoy with this broker a pleasant and safe trading experience, they can practice trading with convenience on any platform proposed by the broker. In addition to the web trading platform available on computers, the InteractiveOption broker also developed mobile trading platforms, that are available for download on the App Store and on Google Play for devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

The new Ferrari share on the stock market

This was the event of October on Wall Street, the arrival of the red Ferrari car; the famous Italian luxurious sports car brand made its initial public offering in New York. To mark the occasion, 8 Ferrari cars were parked in front of Wall Street the day of the IPO (initial public offering) on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. The arrival of Ferrari on the stock market has been spectacular, the IPO price was then $ 52 per share, the shares were traded on the stock market under the symbol “RACE”.

For Ferrari, the purpose of this IPO is to convince investors but also all of Wall Street that Ferrari is not just a car, it is much more than that. The IPO also provides Ferrari the possibility to obtain significant funding for a development plan over five years. Ferrari plans to sell approximately 9% of its shares which accounts for 17 million titles and a valuation of more than $ 10 billion. Note that Ferrari also wishes to increase its production and would like to switch from 7000 to 9000 vehicles per year (nearly 1/3 more) given that there are more and more clients who are attracted by the brand in China, the Gulf countries but also in the United States.

With its entry into the Stock Exchange, Ferrari could multiply its annual profits by 30% and increase its value 3 times more than the rest of the automotive manufacturers. Obviously, Italy is concerned that Ferrari’s stock market listing results in the exile of one of its national treasures, but to appease its concerns, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi claimed to have received the commitment of the Ferrari CEO that the brand will also be listed on the Milan stock exchange in a second phase by 2016.

Trading the Ferrari share through binary options

After the IPO of Ferrari, it was possible to speculate on the Ferrari share with 24Option. We are referring to the only broker to offer this share to binary options traders. A few weeks later, InteractiveOption mimics 24Option and also allows its traders to invest in the newly added Ferrari share to its list of tradable financial assets. Below is the graph of the Ferrari share resulting from the web platform of the InteractiveOption broker.

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